CGS Computers was founded in May 2013

Me04My name is Sharif Jameel, a Baltimore, MD native who has worked with computers for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked for the Department of Defense as a System Administrator and IT Project Manager for an Army organization called Advanced Design & Manufacturing and in the private industry as a Network Administrator for multiple companies.

I’ve even helped manage some of the Army’s websites.

CGS Computers is a subsidy of my company, CGS Investments, LLC. The company provides technical solutions to small businesses and also trades stocks and other investments, provides consulting and marketing advice, and donates to multiple charities. When I talk about understanding the struggles of small businesses, I’m not kidding – this company is just me. I do everything from filing my own paperwork, writing my invoices, keeping in contact with my past customers, maintaining this website, and filing my taxes. I know how hard it is, I know how many sacrifices my small business customers make, and I know what it’s like to scrape money together to get that next piece of the business set up.

Why Are There Ads on This Site?

Ads provide a small amount of revenue to help offset the expense of running a website which translates into better prices for my customers. I know ads can sometimes be intrusive so I try to be reasonable about ad placement. All of the ads on my sites are placed by Google so they are safe, reliable, and link to reputable companies.

My Promises to My Customers:

  1. I will never sell you something you don’t need, but I will give you multiple options and explain the cost vs. benefit.
  2. I won’t rip you off to build a custom computer. Actually, I almost would never recommend that considering that mass produced systems from common retailers have a price point that few custom builders can compete with.
  3. I will do everything I can to make sure that any issues you have with your system are resolved to your satisfaction and explain how it all works.
  4. I will never charge you as much as the Geek Squad.

My Dedication to Locally Owned Small Businesses

I’m a huge fan of people doing their own thing and exercising that American entrepreneurial spirit. I can confidently recommend the following small, family-owned businesses for their excellent service and prices:

  • All Touch Power Wash & Paint is owned by a very good friend of mine, this business offers professional pressure washing of just about anything – houses, commercial properties, sidewalks, etc… They also do an amazing job at refinishing decks and fences. Their painting work, both indoor and outdoor, are impeccable.
  • BuggyBean Custom Painted Designs is a locally owned small business run by a very caring and sweet woman named Jen. She hand paints basically anything you can think of – mugs, birdhouses, wine glasses, etc… Just about all of her work is custom ordered and her designs have become quite popular.
  • Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated company right in Baltimore. They’ve been in operation since 1978. I’ve used them for service in my own home and they’re awesome. The work is top notch and pricing is extremely fair.