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The Internet of Things (IoT): Changing Cyber Security
The Internet of Things and all of it’s ‘Things’ The Internet of Things is the collection of physical devices connected to Read more.
file sharing windows shared folder
File Sharing on Windows: Best Practices for the Enterprise – Security
Windows file sharing is the quickest way to make data available to many users at once. Setting it up is Read more.
How To Protect Your Data From The NSA
Domestic Agencies Such as The NSA Have Been Spying on Everyone for Decades We all knew it. Even before Edward Read more.
Security Breach at Home Depot: A Symptom of a Larger Problem in Corporate America
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet The Largest Data Breach in Retail History By now, just about everyone has heard about the data Read more.
“I Was Hacked!” – No, You Were Just Stupid
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet Media Coverage About Hacking As a person who reads about technology news and events, I see my Read more.
Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Data Backed Up
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet The Disaster If Benjamin Franklin had been alive during the digital age, his famous letter to Jean-Baptiste Read more.
Cyber Security Information Security Separation of Duties Segregation of Duties
Why Security Questions Aren’t So Secure
  Forgot Your Password? No Problem, Just Answer These Security Questions to Reset it… Read more.
cyber security cloud
Two Ways to Make Unforgettable Complex Passwords
  Follow @CGS_Computers “Never Write Down Your Passwords” We hear this at work, on the internet, from our banking institutions, Read more.
Targeted Ads on… Everything
  How would you feel if one day, you could have a smart refrigerator with it’s own internet connection that Read more.
Change Your eBay Password Now!
  It seems like every few days now, we’re made aware of the latest cyberattack and have to go change Read more.