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4 BS Facts About Websites Everyone Thinks are True
I’ve built a lot of websites. I’ve used end-user-designed platforms like SquareSpace and I’ve also used
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free websites web design
20 FREE Useful Websites for Web Designers & Content Marketers
The Internet is ripe with great sites for all industries. No matter what you do
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Silicon Valley’s Problematic Sex Parties On Blast In Upcoming Book
“You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” one woman said of attending these
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Voice Interfaces Showing Up In The Office
 Imagine attending a business meeting with an Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on
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Crunch Report | South Korea Announces New Cryptocurrency Regulations
South Korea announces new cryptocurrency regulations coinciding with the drop in bitcoin prices, YouTube gets
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UpdraftCentral WordPress Management
Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with UpdraftCentral
In my most recent post, I talked about one of the most underrated plugins for
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Thousands of major sites are taking silent anti-ad-blocking measures
 It’s no secret that ad blockers are putting a dent in advertising-based business models on
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Tape Backup System Buttons LEDs WordPress Backups
The Most Underrated Plugin for WordPress Backups
I recently began looking for a good backup option for my WordPress sites. In the past,
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A Comprehensive Content Creation Guide
Ready to write? The online world is saturated with content. In fact, we have too
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Apple’s War Against Small Business Continues
One of the difficult parts of being a small business is that you rarely find
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Google Search Console - Sitemap
How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console
We recently talked about some of the great search engines on the Internet that aren’t
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Computer Padlock Digital Trends HTTPS
Why You Should Switch Your Site to HTTPS
For the non-technical website owner, switching your site from http to https may seem like
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No Piracy Software Piracy
Software Piracy: Ignore Those No Piracy Ads
Who’s Running These Ads? Have you ever seen an advertisement on Facebook like the one
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cyber security separation of duties privilege creep
Privilege Creep: Prevention & Correction
By sheer definition, privilege creep is the gradual accumulation of access rights beyond what an
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Discord App Review
Discord App Review: Not Just for Gamers
It’s been a while since I’ve done an app review. Most apps don’t impress me
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Linux Mint NFS File Share NFS Share
How to Create an NFS Share in Linux Mint
Summary: How to create an NFS share on Linux Mint that can be accessed from
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The Two Pillars of Content Marketing Success
Here’s a problem that happens just a bit too often: A small business owner is
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colormag screenshot
WordPress: ColorMag Child Theme Download
The Push to Pay for ColorMag Some developers really go out of their way to
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cyber security
Dealing With Clients Who Don’t Get Cyber Security
This post is also available without ads as an eBook at the CGS Computers Cyber
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Wellington Child Theme
WordPress: Wellington Child Theme Download
If you came here and already know exactly what to do, download the Wellington Child
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Three Ways HR Costs You Good Employees
I’m a Full Time Job Seeker I believe wholeheartedly that unless you’re within 3 years
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Why Every Business Needs a Website
I Procrastinated on Making my Own Website Even as a small computer business owner, I
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Are Yelp Online Reviews Reliable?
Online Reviews in General When researching a new product or service, many of us begin
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Why Tech Employees Leave Their Company
The Stigma is Gone Job-hoppers, as they’re known in the HR industry, were once considered
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Texting From Computers As A Valuable Addition to Business Communication
Although the typical computer setup doesn’t include a true SMS texting service, there are a
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