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Three Ways HR Costs You Good Employees
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet I’m a Full Time Job Seeker I believe wholeheartedly that unless you’re within 3 years of retirement, Read more.
small business
Why Every Business Needs a Website
I Procrastinated on Making my Own Website Even as a small computer business owner, I went my entire first year Read more.
Are Yelp Online Reviews Reliable?
Tweet Follow @CGS_Computers Online Reviews in General   When researching a new product or service, many of us begin our Read more.
Why Tech Employees Leave Their Company
¬†Follow @CGS_Computers   Why Tech Employees Switch Jobs so Frequently: The Stigma is Gone Job-hoppers, as they’re known in the Read more.
Texting From Computers As A Valuable Addition to Business Communication
Although the typical computer setup doesn’t include a true SMS texting service, there are a few other options that a Read more.