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Separation of Duties: Implementation & Challenges in IT

The concept of Separation of Duties (also known as Segregation of Duties) applies to many different industries. The principle was developed in accounting to avoid errors and fraud but it also applies to general business practices. Although it has its beginnings in the business world, Separation of Duties has become a powerful security principle in IT and information systems.

Edward Snowden exposed the United States government’s actions in spying on its citizens, corporations, and allies. Many of the techniques used by the NSA were successful because of weak cyber security practices. Snowden himself used a loophole in the government’s Segregation of Duties implementation to access the data without being identified (more on that later). In the post-Snowden era, internal information security has now become a priority for everyone. Read More →

data center

Data Center Redundancy: The Basics of Availability

Redundancy as it relates to the data center is a relatively simple concept; resources are duplicated in order to provide fail-safe mechanisms. Cloud service providers have taken many traditional data center functions out of the hands of local IT managers but the majority of companies however still maintain local data centers for various reasons. CEOs and CIOs still like to know that they control their data and maintain custodianship. They rely on their data center engineers to ensure that services & data are highly available.
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Cabling Jobs ethernet

20 Cabling Jobs That Will Make You Drool

We’ve all seen cabling jobs that were absolute nightmares. As bad as it gets, the reality is that there’s nothing that can’t be improved. These cable jobs will have you drooling. If you’re an OCD maniac like us, you won’t be able to look away!

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file sharing windows shared folder

File Sharing on Windows: Best Practices for the Enterprise – Security

Windows file sharing is the quickest way to make data available to many users at once. Setting it up is also extremely easy. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s instructions for setting it up don’t provide much in the way of security. In this article, we’ll show you how to share a folder on a server and then configure security settings based best practices.  Read More →

Cabling Nightmares That Will Haunt Your Dreams


Don’t let the advertisements fool you!good

I see ads on the internet all the time from technical schools advertising their Network Administrator programs. These ads always come paired with a photo of someone standing next to a pristine rack of switches or servers and a huge smile on their face with a text bubble that says something like Read More →