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Yahoo Gmail Hack

One Million Yahoo and Gmail Account Passwords for Sale on the Dark Web

More than 1 million Yahoo and Gmail accounts – including usernames, email addresses and plain text passwords – are reportedly for sale on the dark web.

According to the dark web vendor SunTzu583, who posted the sale offer, he has 100,000 Yahoo accounts from the 2012 data breach and 145,000 Yahoo accounts from the 2013 Adobe breach and 2008 MySpace hack. The accounts are on sale for between 0.0079 bitcoins and 0.0102 bitcoins each. Read More →

cyber security cloud

Two Ways to Make Unforgettable Complex Passwords


“Never Write Down Your Passwords”

We hear this at work, on the internet, from our banking institutions, and basically from anywhere else that issues us a password to access our data. The problem is that in today’s digital world, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all those passwords and commit them to memory. The rules force you to change them every so often and to use special characters in addition to upper case and lower case letters. How can a person commit passwords that look like gibberish to memory? Odds are, they don’t – they do exactly what they’re not supposed to do; they write them down or store them in a file on a computer somewhere. So how does one safely manage all of those passwords or even come up with new ones that actually are complex but easy to remember? Here are two methods I use to create complex passwords that I’m unlikely to forget. Read More →