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The iPhone Case that Runs Android… WHAATT??? | Eye by ESTI

Everyone knows that I’m an iPhone user but not necessarily an Apple fanboy. I’ve played around with phones that run Android and I can appreciate the feature-richness that’s typically unavailable on Apple’s flagship devices. But what if you could have an iPhone with some of the benefits that come with Android? What if you could have an iPhone with an extra battery, extra display, extra storage, additional SIM slots, an IR remote, AND wireless charging? As it turns out, the engineers at ESTI Inc, are working to make this possible. Read More →

Why I Switched From Windows to Mac (and how I made the transition)


Time for a New Computermacvspc mac pc


As a self-proclaimed geek, I always look forward with hesitation to that time when upgrading my current computer situation becomes a necessity. On one hand, I have my current rig set up exactly as I want it, perhaps after a few years of tweaking settings and customization (and definitely not looking forward to having to reinstall all my stuff on a new computer). On the other hand there’s the excitement of buying or building a new machine and reveling in the capabilities of updated technology. Read More →

Why I Like the iPhone Over Other Options


There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead with an Apple product. With all of the company’s lawsuits for infringing on their patents that seemed as general as owning the shape of a square, I felt as if the company was just milking the system and its ‘fanboys’ for all the money they could. In some ways, these judgements of mine are still correct, however… Read More →