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FBI Building Tor Images

The Feds Drop a Child Porn Case to Avoid Exposing a Tor Exploit

There’s something to be said when sacrifices are made for the greater good. At least that’s what the Department of Justice wants us to think. To avoid having to expose the details in court of a Tor exploit used by the DOJ to snag a child pornography site, the department motioned to dismiss the indictment. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Part of me wants to think that the ‘greater good’ is worth it and that this child porn ring will be shut down eventually anyway. On the other hand, after knowing what our government hackers are capable of, it’s hard to think that the greater good really has anything to do with it. The Tor network can be used for harboring child pornography, but it’s also be used in foreign countries be freedom fighters who work against repressive regimes (think North Korea). Read More →

privacy police tracking license plate police scanner

Police Scanner Tracks Your Location in Disturbing Detail

One of the more widely used police scanner tools is the automated license plate scanner. If you know what to look for, you can see these devices all over the place. They’re capable of scanning multiple vehicles simultaneously and entering the plate IDs into a searchable database. These databases are typically used to track ‘hot tags’ of known criminals or stolen vehicles. It’s no secret that police scanner tools sometimes target innocent people and many of us assume that this data gets deleted at some point. The dropping expense of data storage however has allowed police departments to hold onto this data essentially forever. Read More →

IoT Internet of Things Cyber Security Infosec Information Security

The Internet of Things (IoT): Changing Cyber Security

The Internet of Things and all of it’s ‘Things’

The Internet of Things is the collection of physical devices connected to the Internet for control and feedback purposes. We have long passed the age where the only things connected to the Internet were computers and smartphones. Modern homes can have a myriad of objects connected to or accessible from the Internet. Smart TVs, video game consoles, thermostats, door locks, vehicles, even Read More →

How To Protect Your Data From The NSA

Domestic Agencies Such as The NSA Have Been Spying on Everyone for Decades

nsalogoWe all knew it. Even before Edward Snowden blew the whistle we all knew it, we just didn’t know how deep it went. Not only was the US spy agency doing its spy agency stuff abroad to our perceived enemies, but it was also doing it to Read More →

Cyber Security Information Security Separation of Duties Segregation of Duties

Why Security Questions Aren’t So Secure


Forgot Your Password? No Problem, Just Answer These Security Questions to Reset it…

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