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Linux Distro
Fossbytes’ Best Linux Distro for Beginners – 2017
Linux Mint is the clear winner. It’s what I use at home in addition to my iMac. Ubuntu comes in Read more.
privacy police tracking license plate police scanner
Police Scanner Tracks Your Location in Disturbing Detail
One of the more widely used police scanner tools is the automated license plate scanner. If you know what to Read more.
Cabling Jobs ethernet
20 Cabling Jobs That Will Make You Drool
We’ve all seen cabling jobs that were absolute nightmares. As bad as it gets, the reality is that there’s nothing Read more.
Cabling Nightmares That Will Haunt Your Dreams
  Don’t let the advertisements fool you! I see ads on the internet all the time from technical schools advertising Read more.
Blizzard Will Apply a Silence Penalty to Combat World of Warcraft Chat Abuse
Share Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet I played World of Warcraft for years… Known as WoW by folks in the know, World Read more.
Our Favorite Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
Share Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet   From casual computer users to those of us who want to get the absolute most Read more.
Amazing Computer Setups
Share Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet Whether you’re a gamer, musician, or day trader, there are few things as satisfying as a Read more.
Huge Marble Run Machine
For certain people, large marble run machines can be mesmerizing to watch. Take a look at 11,000 marbles all moving Read more.
The 11 Worst Websites You Have to See
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet One of the most beautiful things about The Internet is that a web site can be designed Read more.
Security Breach at Home Depot: A Symptom of a Larger Problem in Corporate America
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet The Largest Data Breach in Retail History By now, just about everyone has heard about the data Read more.
“I Was Hacked!” – No, You Were Just Stupid
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet Media Coverage About Hacking As a person who reads about technology news and events, I see my Read more.
Why I Switched From Windows to Mac (and how I made the transition)
 Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet Time for a New Computer   As a self-proclaimed geek, I always look forward with hesitation to Read more.
Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Data Backed Up
Follow @CGS_Computers Tweet The Disaster If Benjamin Franklin had been alive during the digital age, his famous letter to Jean-Baptiste Read more.
Comcast Has Their Scapegoat But Who’s Really to Blame?
Tweet Follow @CGS_Computers “You Can’t Leave Me, I’m Too Good!” That’s basically what it sounded like if you don’t feel Read more.
Are Yelp Online Reviews Reliable?
Tweet Follow @CGS_Computers Online Reviews in General   When researching a new product or service, many of us begin our Read more.
Why Tech Employees Leave Their Company
 Follow @CGS_Computers   Why Tech Employees Switch Jobs so Frequently: The Stigma is Gone Job-hoppers, as they’re known in the Read more.
Amazon’s Fire Phone Breaks a Trend
  Follow @CGS_Computers   The Announcement Last week, Amazon finally announced that they were joining the smartphone business with their Read more.
Gunnar Computer Eyewear Review
  Follow @CGS_Computers Computer Eyewear for… Everyone? Read more.
App Review: Gravy (fun things to do nearby)
Follow @CGS_Computers Avoid a Potentially Boring Date Night Ever find yourself sitting around on a particular evening wanting to do Read more.
App Review: Whisper
  It’s All Anonymous I recently read an article about an app called Whisper which allows people to make and Read more.
Hate Your Cable Provider? You’re in Good Company
  Where I live, I have 3 choices for cable TV. Of those, DirectTV has horrible internet service because satellite Read more.
Targeted Ads on… Everything
  How would you feel if one day, you could have a smart refrigerator with it’s own internet connection that Read more.
My Favorite Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
From casual computer users to those of us who want to get the absolute most out of our work time, Read more.
Texting From Computers As A Valuable Addition to Business Communication
Although the typical computer setup doesn’t include a true SMS texting service, there are a few other options that a Read more.
How Much Time is Enough?
Follow @CGS_Computers Whenever you’re planning on doing some type of upgrade, software install, or general repair on your computer it’s Read more.
Why I Like the iPhone Over Other Options
  There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead with an Apple product. With all of the company’s Read more.
Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7?
Follow @CGS_Computers So you’ve decided to make the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7… Congratulations! You’re on your way Read more.
Why Not to be Mad at Microsoft for Dropping XP Support
  I’ve been reading a lot of articles and with varying opinions about Microsoft choosing to drop support of Windows Read more.