This alternative blog had gone through many iterations before we purchased & redesigned it.

Who Are They?

Alien UFO Blog is an alternative blog that CGS Investments LLC acquired in 2018. It includes articles from UFO authors and has a UFO sighting report mechanism where readers can submit their own reports.

Details & Challenges

Like other sites we have acquired, careful attention had to be given to the state of the site in regards to content. The content had to be vetted for accuracy and researched to ensure images & articles did not infringe on copyrights.


We rebuilt the site and to ensure security, moved content to a new WordPress installation manually. We also searched extensively to ensure that all content on the site was original and removed anything that may have infringed on rights.

Build Type

Site rebuild & rebrand

Build Time

4 weeks


AUB Mockups

Front Page Capture

We provide a boutique website management experience to our clients. From building, designing, maintaining, even content creation and security - we do everything. CGS Investments LLC also provides top quality technical consulting services utilizing our many years of data center management experience.

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