Amoha is the nation's most successful cost-optimization company saving their clients millions of dollars. Here's what we did for them.

Who Are They?

Amoha is a Cost Optimization as a Service provider that specializes in saving companies money on their IT infrastructure costs. They do this by having a deep knowledge of market rates for data center services and taking that knowledge to renegotiate contracts and services from 3rd parties. They save their clients an average of 39%.

Details & Challenges

Amoha’s owners were kind enough to provide us with most of the content for the site rebuild including copy & images. We expanded on this to ensure a clean, fast-loading site, that included case studies of some of their best success stories.


Build Type

New Site & Rebranding

Build Time


Front Page Capture

We provide a boutique website management experience to our clients. From building, designing, maintaining, even content creation and security - we do everything. CGS Investments LLC also provides top quality technical consulting services utilizing our many years of data center management experience.

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