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This is a great app for date night when you can't figure out what you wanna do.

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Avoid a Potentially Boring Date Night

Ever find yourself sitting around on a particular evening wanting to do something interesting but unable to come up with any new ideas? I’m so busy that sometimes the weekend sneaks up on me and I find myself with no plans and no idea of where I want to go or what’s going on in the area that might be fun, interesting, or just different. That’s where Gravy comes in…

With Gravy, you can find out what’s going on nearby. The app will use your location to search various listings for events in the area ranging from arts to live music to sports. The events are listed in chronological order and you simply swipe to move to the next event on the list. Most events are clickable for additional information. You can also see what the most popular events are in your area.

In most cases the listing will tell you clearly if the event is free or if there is a fee/ticket purchase involved and how much the cost is.

I enjoy these types of apps for their simplicity and their usefulness. If you’re a wine-lover, I can assure you that at least in Baltimore, there’s no shortage of weekly wine tasting events that I never even knew existed. Gravy has quickly become my go to solution for date night when the work week has been hectic and I’ve had no time to plan anything (which is most weeks). Plays, musicals, art classes, dancing lessons – it’s all there to be explored.

The App Itself

From a technical standpoint, the app takes very little memory on my iPhone 4S and runs smoothly. The app does crash on me occasionally but that could be due to the fact that I have an aging smartphone that regularly reboots itself with no warning.

My biggest concert with Gravy is that nobody seems to know about it. Venues and shop owners who might want to put their events on Gravy usually don’t even that the app exists. I myself only found it while searching the Apple AppStore for things to do. If you’re a venue owner and you want people to see what you’ve got going on, register the event here.

Ultimately, whether you’re a social butterfly or a loner, you can always find something to do with the Gravy app. Everyone should have this app at their fingertips!

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