Don’t let the advertisements fool you!

I see ads on the internet all the time from technical schools advertising their Network Administrator programs. These ads always come paired with a photo of someone standing next to a pristine rack of switches or servers and a huge smile on their face with a text bubble that says something like, “Start your career in Network Administration and change your life!” As someone who went through one of these programs, I find it funny looking back at how inaccurate these ads are. First of all, if you don’t have any IT experience when you graduate, you can expect to be crushing phones on a helpdesk somewhere for a couple years before you’re ever allowed to set foot in one of those fancy server rooms. And second, once you become that super Network Admin if you are ever in one of those server rooms with a laptop plugged into a rack mounted server, you won’t be smiling because you only will be doing that if something is VERY wrong. It’s also unlikely that any server room or network closet you work in will look anything like this pristine one in the ad… here’s what they really look like…


Sharif Jameel

Sharif Jameel is a business owner, IT professional, runner, & musician. His professional certifications include CASP, Sec+, Net+, MCSA, & ITIL and others. He's also the guitar player for the Baltimore-based cover band, Liquifaction.

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