Dropbox Updates its Plus Plan (and the price)

Last updated on May 11th, 2024 at 11:25 pm

New features = new price. Dropbox is still one of my favorite cloud storage options.

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Consumer cloud storage leader Dropbox just updated their Plus plan, doubling the storage from 1TB to 2TB, adding some useful rollback features, and increasing its price. Here are the details.

Note: all quoted prices of Dropbox plans are as of the publishing date of this article.

More Space

The original Dropbox storage space for their Plus plan was 1TB, and this has been pretty consistent for a number of years.

With the new update, Plus members now get an additional 1TB of storage, doubling what they used to have. This is pretty nice considering that Dropbox has never allowed you to buy additional storage outside their plans without moving to one of their more expensive business options. This might give a lot of folks the headroom they need to avoid upgrading to a full-fledged business plan for another few years.

Given that the new storage space with the plan now exceeds what many customers have available on their home systems, selective sync will become a more utilized feature and Dropbox also introduced their new Smart Sync feature alongside this plan (see below).

File Version Rollback

Accidentally make an unintended change to a file? Or maybe deleted it altogether? With Dropbox Plus, you now can roll back changes or restore deleted files going back for 30 days.

This feature is especially useful if you ended up getting hit with a nasty piece of ransomware. Dropbox even has specific instructions on how to recover your files. Of course, this only applies to encrypted files stored in your Dropbox sync folder, you might be out of luck if you’ve stored files elsewhere without a viable backup.

Smart Sync

This new feature tracks changes to your files and if you don’t edit them for a few months, they’ll automatically become ‘online-only’ to help save space on your local HDD. Considering the new amount of space in the plan, this is a great feature to help ensure you don’t fill up your hard drive but still have all your files laid out in your Dropbox folder when you need them.

You can also manually mark files as ‘online-only’ to set specific files or folders to stay online instead of on your hard drive.

Files store online-only will still show up in your local Dropbox folder, and will be download on-demand if you wish to open them. All around, Smart Sync is a convenient way of managing your local space without sacrificing the storage you get from your Dropbox account.

Collaboration Tools

The new version comes with a whole new slew of collaboration tools. Multiple users can now edit documents simultaneously, in real-time. And document-sharing has never been easier.

There are even options now to allow folks without a Dropbox account, to share files to your Dropbox space for your review.

Dropbox still works with all the same apps too. Lots of 3rd party applications let you save files directly to Dropbox. In addition to collaboration tools, website owners can automatically backup websites to Dropbox using UpdraftPlus.

New Price

Of course, these new features come with a price. Dropbox Plus used to be billed at $99/yr. The new price is now $119.88/yr.

While Dropbox storage might still be a tad more expensive than Amazon S3, the extra features give it the edge if you plan on taking advantage of them.

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