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IT guys are always asked to go way outside their box.

What if I told you just because I can use a computer doesn't mean I understand everything about every piece of tech in the house

It’s the nightmare of techs everywhere. So many times.

Random Person: So What do you do for a living?

Computer Tech: I work on computers & servers.

Random Person: Oh cool do you think you could help me with this database?

Computer Tech: I don’t work on databases, I don’t even know them that well.

Random Person: But you said you work on computers right? You must not be very good at your job then.

Computer Tech then attempts to explain the difference between working on computers vs. being a database administrator…

Random Person: Eyes glaze over and begins talking about something totally different.

Sharif Jameel is a business owner, IT professional, runner, & musician. His professional certifications include CASP, Sec+, Net+, MCSA, & ITIL and others. He’s also the guitar player for the Baltimore-based cover bands, Liquifaction and Minority Report.

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