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Getting to the top of Google is only the 1st step. Staying there is much more difficult.


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You may have followed all those steps, some of which may have been the hardest of all, to reach to the top spot on Google search pages. Now that you have defined your position, it is time to defend it because your competitors are also trying hard and putting in all of their best efforts to topple you from there and place themselves instead. Maintaining SEO may actually be harder than obtaining it in the first place.

However, staying on top of the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs is not an easy task. In order to achieve that feat, you will need to generate a steady flow and consistent source of web traffic. This is ideally, the foundation of success for every online business.

If you do not have enough visitors coming to your website, it will be really hard, if not impossible, to:

  • Convert them into your prospective, loyal, and long-term customers and
  • Establish yourself as an authority in the eyes of Google or its algorithm
  • Increase your visibility in search engine queries and
  • Retain your top position in the SERP.

Therefore, if you do not know which step should you take to preserve rankings this is the right place you have visited. You will come to know everything from this article that will not only boost your SEO ranking but will also help you to retain it.

This will in turn help you to:

  • Sustain the keywords for which you have worked so hard
  • Sustain your rankings and
  • Safeguard your site from any probable algorithm updates.

Starting with the basics, you must first know what really happens after you earn the top spot in Google search results pages. Well, much contrary to the popular belief, achieving SEO ranking for particular keywords is just half the battle.

In order to gain better results and retain your SEO rankings, you will need to know all the other core tenets of SEO. This is because, these tenets are constantly developing and therefore modern marketers must essentially stay up to date with the latest trends.

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Update and add new content often.

SEO Tiop: Update Your Site

This may sound a no-brainer or intuitive, but it is seen that most of the business owners make this common mistake in the online marketing niche. You must know that Google has started to take into account several other apart from the basic things into account as part of its ranking algorithm while ranking a page or a website. Among these include:

  • The content quality and
  • Content freshness.

Therefore, one of the greatest ways to maintain your site ranking is to keep your site current with fresh and meaningful content, in all its forms. For this, you will need to keep in mind a few things such as:

  • Antiquated or obsolete strategies are no longer a fashion now and the traditional “text only” articles may potentially hinder your search engine rankings.
  • If you want to sustain your keywords you must apprise your content by adding a collection of images and videos to your articles.

This will automatically enhance the traffic, the experience, and the engagement of your readers. Therefore, make it a point that you take out quite some time to:

  • Improve the visual appeal of your site and in turn your brand and
  • Optimize the layout of your site.

This will reduce the bounce rates and at the same time increase the likelihood of the visitors getting engaged with your content even more.

This will not only entice other people to link to or visit your site but will also encourage Google to continue raking your well so that you stay on the top of the SERP.

Speed of Light

Focus on the Site Speed for SEO

You must also speed up your site which has long been an important ranking factor in Google search algorithm. Unfortunately, many business owners do not look into this aspect when they design their websites and as a result these site does not load quickly.

Loading speed is an important aspect for the success of a website and to attain and retain its SEO rankings, especially when this age is of the mobile where most of the searches now take place.

Therefore, keep the mobile aspect in your mind and remember that you site should have the two essential qualities such as:

  • An exceptional loading speed and
  • Highly responsive.

The reason to make your site speed high and create a responsive website is that there are over two million blogs and nearly a billion images posted each day and therefore your site should load fast enough or else the visitors will most likely look or an alternative solution.

In fact, Google urges the web developers to get the load time of their pages down to less than one second for the mobile devices! This is incredibly fast. However, if you cannot get your page load time down to that incredible level, you can even achieve great SEO results by shaving off a couple of seconds from it. Remember, every second saved in your site load time will reduce the chances of page abandonment by a significant margin. This will add to your site rankings eventually.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which you can make your site load faster. You can do it on your own and do not even need to hire a technical expert for that matter. In fact, there are three basic steps to implement to improve the loading speed of your website. These are:

  • Make your content brief and use pictures and graphics sparingly that takes lesser time to download and enable compression on all the images on your site
  • Switch to a faster and more reliable hosting service and
  • Use a Content Delivery Network to increase download speeds.

Even after that you find that there are a few issues with the loading speed of your site, you can consider talking help of tools like Google Page Speed Insights. This will enable you to identify the specific issues that may be slowing down your website load time. it will also suggest the effective ways in which you can fix those issues.

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