From casual computer users to those of us who want to get the absolute most out of our work time, keyboard shortcuts can be a convenient way of streamlining your activity. If you type a lot like I do, your preference is probably to have both hands on the keyboard as often as possible. Windows 7 comes with some great WIN key combinations that can help quicken your pace.

Shortcut Function
WIN+L Locks your screen so that anyone coming to your computer must put in your password to unlock it and continue working
WIN + Up or Down Arrow Toggles between minimizing or maximizing the currently selected window
WIN + Left or Right Arrow Toggles position of the currently selected window to include half-screen snap (also useful for multiple monitors)
WIN + Spacebar Previews the desktop by making all the open windows transparent
WIN + 1 through 0 Launches items in the corresponding order that are pinned to your taskbar
WIN + Home Minimizes all windows except for the current one
SHIFT + DEL Permanently deletes the selected file/email bypassing the recycle bin or delete items folder

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Windows 7

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