Pokemon Fever has swept the nation

Pokemon GO by Niantic has been an unavoidable fact of daily life since it released almost a month ago. This would only be news of course if you live under a rock somewhere. The augmented reality and concept of the game which encourages players to go out and move around their environment to find Pokemon in real-world locations has made the phenomenon highly visible to those who don’t even play the game.

One of the fun pieces of the game is the ability to screen capture your Pokemon on the real-world background supplied by your phone’s camera. This has led to some funny and clever shots of Pokemon in odd, and sometimes inappropriate, places. Here are some of the best ones so far:

Charmander wants to help cook dinner

Bowling for Eevee…

Another Eevee checking out the neighborhood dogs

That’s another way to catch a Ratatta


Ghastly making an inappropriate appearance at the hospital

It’s the Jiggypuff Marshmallow Man!

Magikarp is doing it wrong

Magikarp for dinner


Like all cats, Meowth needs to be in the way when you’re busy

A very well-trained Pidgey

Congratulations ma’am, it’s a Pidgey

Primeape being a troll and collecting a toll

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