The site was create to help promote a small filmmaker's project: The Fear Footage.

Who Are They?

The Fear Footage is an independently produced horror movie. The creator reached out to us to build a website to promote and then later sell his movie online.

Details & Challenges

The horror movie genre has a very specific type of website preference that is very different from those of typical businesses. While most web designers must work with light & airy designs, the horror genre is exactly the opposite. The client also wanted to be able to sell copies of the DVD directly on the website.


Our build included a very darkened theme with an equally scary font type. Using screenshots from the video for eerie backgrounds and an eCommerce system powered by WooCommerce, the client now sells hundreds of copies of their video on a regular basis and ships them all around the world.

Build Type

New website w/eCommerce

Build Time

2 weeks


Front Page Capture

We provide a boutique website management experience to our clients. From building, designing, maintaining, even content creation and security - we do everything. CGS Investments LLC also provides top quality technical consulting services utilizing our many years of data center management experience.

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