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There was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead with an Apple product.

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There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead with an Apple product. With all of the company’s lawsuits for infringing on their patents that seemed as general as owning the shape of a square, I felt as if the company was just milking the system and its ‘fanboys’ for all the money they could. In some ways, these judgements of mine are still correct, however…

When I decided to buy an iPhone, it was after spending 2 years carrying a Blackberry and also after working as a Blackberry technician for the US Army. I learned to hate Blackberry. When my 2 year agreement was up, I changed carriers and got an iPhone 4s (the 5 was already out but I’m not one to buy the latest and greatest usually). It was the smoothest-operating device I’d ever laid hands on – I never used an iOS device before but it was familiar and easy.

Within 6 months of having my iPhone, I found myself purchasing an iPad… What happened? Well as it turns out, Apple’s devices play really well together; there’s almost zero configuration between devices. They just work.

It’s now been over 2 years since I purchased my iPhone 4s – I still have it, I’ve not needed to upgrade because it’s still a great phone and gives me no troubles at all. Not only do I still have my iPad, but now I also own 2 Apple TVs and a 27″ iMac and guess what? It all works together perfectly. My technologically awesome home only exists in its current state because of an iPhone I purchased over 2 years ago. That’s why I like my iPhone.

When the iPhone 6 comes out, I’ll be looking to purchase one… especially if it looks anything like this…

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