Why Not to be Mad at Microsoft for Dropping XP Support

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 04:28 pm

Microsoft essentially warrantied a product for 13 years. Don't be pissed because you waited this long.

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Being angry about this is really stupid.

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I’ve been reading a lot of articles and with varying opinions about Microsoft choosing to drop support of Windows XP for the last few months. I’m surprised at the number of these articles that complain or whine and say that Microsoft is hurting it’s brand by allowing one of its most successful operating systems to fall by the wayside. It seems people and companies are forgetting that Windows XP is 13 years old and from a programming and feature standpoint that makes it ancient. Expecting Microsoft to continue spending money on R&D to update a piece of software that hasn’t been for sale in over 8 years is completely unreasonable. When was the last time you bought something and after 10 years, the manufacturer was still providing updates and making it work for you – free of charge? Car companies don’t warranty the vehicle you buy for that long; you’ll never find free maintenance for 10+ years on an air conditioner, refrigerator, washer, dryer, furnace, TV, or any other widget you might buy and those things all cost much more than you paid for Windows XP.

So let’s put it in perspective – I’m hardly a Microsoft fanboy – but give credit where credit is due. These guys supported something they built and stood behind it for 13 years and I doubt you’ll find any other developer or manufacturer who has done that for their customers at no additional charge.

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