From casual computer users to those of us who want to get the absolute most out of our work time, keyboard shortcuts can be a convenient way of streamlining your activity. If you type a lot like I do, your preference is probably to have both hands on the keyboard as often as possible. Windows 10 comes with some great WIN key combinations that can help quicken your pace. 

Shortcut Function
WIN+L Locks your screen so that anyone coming to your computer must put in your password to unlock it and continue working
WIN + Up or Down Arrow Toggles between minimizing or maximizing the currently selected window
WIN + Left or Right Arrow Toggles position of the currently selected window to include half-screen snap (also useful for multiple monitors)
WIN + Tab Activates Task View
WIN + 1 through 0 Launches items in the corresponding order that are pinned to your taskbar
WIN + A Brings up Action Center
SHIFT + DEL Permanently deletes the selected file/email bypassing the recycle bin or delete items folder
WIN + C Activates Cortana With Speech Recognition
WIN + D Show Desktop
WIN + E Opens File Explorer (like Windows Explorer on older versions)
WIN + I Opens Windows 10 Settings Screen
WIN + D Show Desktop
WIN + Shift + Left or Right Arrow Move apps from one monitor to another

One of the coolest features in Windows 10 is the ability to create Virtual Desktops. Using Virtual Desktops can enable to you to gain many of the benefits of multiple monitors without having to have extra physical monitors hogging up all of your personal space.

Shortcut Function
WIN + Ctrl + D Create a new Virtual Desktop
WIN + Ctrl + F4 Close a new Virtual Desktop
WIN + Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow Switch between Virtual Desktops

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Windows 10

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