3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association

Who Are They?

More commonly known by their members as the 3/1 Association, the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association is an alumni group for service members who have served in the armed forces. They raise money to provide charitable contributions for veterans in need, champion suicide prevention among current & former service members, and fund an annual reunion for all who served in or with the 3/1 Association.


Design Challenges

Like many site rebuilds, the client knew their existing site was outdated and needed a new design. They also had become aware they were severely limited in their chosen platform. The client however didn’t have any vision as to what the final rebuild should look like. They allowed us to take the reigns and come up with a fresh design that could be ‘unveiled’ to them all at once. The challenge with this approach is you can spend a lot of time building a new design only to have it completely rejected by the client – so we provided them a few templates with a recommendation and allowed them to choose the template that they liked the most.

Functional Challenges

This build included not only a new site design, the association also had over 500 members that had to be imported from an older form-based system. One of the major issues they had with their old system was they had no ability to automatically renew memberships; everything was done manually. This left them with a high level of administrative overhead in tracking down members to pay their annual dues which resulted in a lower level of fundraising for the important events they were committed to. Our challenge was to incorporate memberships with payment gateway and automatic renewals into the new system.


The old site had a very basic selection of fundraising products and the client wanted to have the ability to expand this selection.


The new site now keeps track of members and automatically collects annual fees from their credit card. The Association has more paying members now than ever and uses almost zero administrative overhead to maintain the membership accounts that currently exist. Their new eCommerce system (based on WooCommerce) allows them to easily list new products that raise additional money for the organization; they now include hundreds of products and the ability to sell tickets to their reunions directly through the site.

Device Mockups

Full Screen Capture

Build Type

New platform & full site rebuild

Build Duration

8 weeks total: 2 weeks for design, 2 weeks for revisions, 4 weeks for membership migration

Live Link

*many clients have design & development access to their sites. The current live version of the site may not reflect exactly what we built for them.

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