Website Status Checker: Is It Down or Not?

Is the Website Down or Not?

Use our free website status checker to check the status of any website. Simply enter the URL and we’ll tell you whether the website is up or down. Don’t waste time troubleshooting your own computer, internet, or home network when you can quickly find out if the website is experiencing issues. Try our website status checker now!

Is this Website Working?

To run your ‘is website down check’, simply enter the domain name or website address in the form below and hit submit to find out if the website is down for everyone or just you.

What Does Our Website Status Tool Do?

Our tool reaches out to the website you enter in the field and attempts to access it. This request happens directly from our web server, so it’s independent of your own network and computer.

The benefit of checking a website or web page in this way is that it can tell you whether a site you’re having problems with is actually down or not, and if the issue is with a piece of equipment on your end.

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The Website is Down – What Now?

When our website status tool returns that the website is down, you can simply wait for it to come back up. Unless it’s your website, there’s no action for you to take.

In rare cases where the website is something you need immediate access to (such as a banking website), you’ll need to contact the website owner to make sure they know their website is down.

The Website is Up – What Do I Do?

If our website tool indicates the website is up, but you can’t get to it yourself, that means something is wrong somewhere in the chain of communication between your computer and the website you’re trying to access.

Usually Internet problems affect more than just one website. Considering you’re here reading this, it’s a pretty good chance you at least aren’t having a full Internet outage. Still it’s a good idea to jump to a few of your favorite websites, especially ones that have a large user base like Facebook or Twitter.

This will help you get together a scope of the problem and you can move on to troubleshooting below…

Try Accessing the Site from Another Computer

If you can access the site from another computer, and that computer is on the same network as the one giving you trouble, restarting your computer might be enough to fix the issue.

If rebooting doesn’t fix the issue, you might want to run a virus scan just to make sure there’s nothing crazy going on. You can also try using a fresh web browser session, or better yet, an incognito mode browser.

Try Accessing the Site from Another Network

If you can’t access the site from another computer on the same network as the one giving you trouble, you’ll want to try accessing the site from another network altogether. This is usually pretty simple if you have a mobile device – just turn off Wi-Fi and access the problem website over cellular data.

If you can access the site over cellular data, then the issue lies somewhere within your network. There are 2 common reasons why this happens. The first one is just that your router may need to be rebooted. The other one is a bit more tricky as you may have done something that got your IP address blocked on the website’s firewall. Alone, you can’t fix this and would need to reach out to the website host for resolution.

If you can’t access the site over cellular data either, then the site could be down for a certain region. The server for our website checker is located in Texas so it’s possible the could be up for visitors in Dallas, TX, but not in the United Kingdom. These outages are typically temporary.

Other Website Status Checker Notes

Since our website outage checker itself runs on a computer, it’s always possible we could report a site down when it isn’t actually down. This can happen for many of the same reasons it might happen to your own computer at home, so checking a problem website from multiple locations is important.


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