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Computer Padlock Digital Trends HTTPS
Why You Should Switch Your Site to HTTPS
For the non-technical website owner, switching your site from http to https may seem like
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Equifax Data Breach
Equifax Data Breach – Free Protection: Huge Price
By now everyone has heard about the massive Equifax data breach. Not only were 143
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Jelly Comb
Product Review: Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse
I recently decided to get a couple wireless mice for my laptop. It’s not a
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Discord App Review
Discord App Review: Not Just for Gamers
It’s been a while since I’ve done an app review. Most apps don’t impress me
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Zombies, Run! An App For Runners With a Creepy Twist
I love apps. They’re what make smartphones feel so… smart. I also love to run.
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Pokemon GO Generation 2 Evolutions and What You Need to Evolve Them
Pokemon GO Gen 2 Evolutions: These Are The Items You Need To Evolve Them  
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Small Business

Photo by Medhat Dawoud on Unsplash
Apple’s War Against Small Business Continues
One of the difficult parts of being a small business is that you rarely find
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The Lighter Side

when asked what did you click on, you said
The Lighter Side: End User Support
End User Installations: Too commonly a client states their system is running slow. They haven’t
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What if I told you just because I can use a computer doesn't mean I understand everything about every piece of tech in the house
Lighter Side – The Computer Guy’s Bane
It’s the nightmare of techs everywhere. So many times. Random Person: So What do you
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Great Pokemon Go Screenshots
Pokemon Fever has swept the nation Pokemon GO by Niantic has been an unavoidable fact
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