Google Business Telemarketer


Via Phone Call

Caller Name: ST Data

Spam Type: Telemarketer

Last Updated: 5 months ago

Details for 12408431567

This caller didn’t leave any voice message for us. According to RoboKiller, it’s a robocall and when they leave a message, it’s usually something like this:

hello please do not hang up St data has been trying to reach you to verify your business with Google our records show that your business has not been verified press one now so we can verify your business on Google if you are the business owner press one now if your account is not verified customers searching for your services on Google will not find your listing press one now to verify your listing press two or dial █████ opt out

Did you receive a call from this number? Let us know in the comments below when and what the call was about so we can update the information here and help others know who called them.

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