PNC Phishing Attempt


Via SMS/Text

Caller Name: Unknown

Spam Type: Phishing

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Details for 1410200500

It wasn’t long ago I got my first text from this number. It was cryptic, but had a link that looked suspicious. It also mentioned mobile banking with PNC, which is odd because I’m not actually a PNC customer. That 2nd part is really the nail in the coffin right?

These fake texts that are sent by these scammers claim to be from a wide variety of sources. While mine claimed to be from PNC bank, others reported this number also targeting customers from AT&T, Apple, and others. Users on Reddit have also talked about texts from this number being fake.

The best course of action is to delete & ignore the message. If it has a website link, do not click the link. And if you accidentally do click the link, close the browser immediately and don’t enter any of your information regardless of how official it may look.

Did you receive a call from this number? Let us know in the comments below when and what the call was about so we can update the information here and help others know who called them.

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