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Who Are They?

Zesty Things is a blog owned by CGS Investments LLC that we purchased & redesigned from the original owners back in 2019. The blog contains lots of articles spanning dozens of categories, much of which is guest-authored content.

Details & Challenges

Because we purchased this site complete with content, we had to vet the content to ensure it was unique & original without infringing on any intellectual rights. The site also had been compromised and was redirecting users to malicious URLs.


We addressed the site issues by building a fresh new instance of WordPress on a brand new host. We then manually copied the content to the new design.

We then ran every piece of content and image through an exhaustive check and removed anything that we couldn’t find license for or reprinting rights for. What remained was a new, more secure, & faster site with quality content.

Build Type

Website rebuild & rebrand

Build Time

4 weeks for rebuild, support ongoing


Front Page Capture

We provide a boutique website management experience to our clients. From building, designing, maintaining, even content creation and security - we do everything. CGS Investments LLC also provides top quality technical consulting services utilizing our many years of data center management experience.

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