The 10 Worst Websites You Have to See

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 10:04 pm

Some websites have been around a long time... and it shows.

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One of the most beautiful things about The Internet is that a web site can be designed and built by almost anyone. There are millions of sites out there; you can find something on any topic that you can think of. Unfortunately the very thing that makes The Internet so beautiful is also what results in some of the worst sites and pages. I originally titled this blog as the 10 worst websites, however after doing research and finding 11 that I had to share I just couldn’t figure out which one to drop from the list. They’re all sarcastically amazing in their own way.

Ling’s Cars

If you look at no other site from this blog – you have to look at this one. With its hippie wallpaper, seizure-inducing flashing text, and auto-play karaoke videos, Ling’s Cars absolutely holds the title for the worst website in existence. Even in AOL’s heyday this site would have been overkill. In a nostalgic way, I actually enjoy checking it out once in a while because there’s always something new to find. Hey Ling the 90’s called, they want their website back!

lings cars
Image Credit: LINGsCARS


A German charcoal company featuring a devil sitting in a fiery grill holding a sausage. The most annoying part of this site is the auto play music that accompanies the home page and every other page on the site. Maybe this is what’s cool in Germany still? Apparently I was the 9,283,508th visitor to the site – I almost forgot that site counters existed at one time.

Image Credit: Patimex

Slide Rule Universe

This company based in Canada sells (you guessed it) – slide rules. I’m not quite sure what the market is today for purchasing slide rules but perhaps in 1997 when the site was created, there was more demand for them. The site was last updated in 2014 by the Godzilla Graphics Group who apparently forgot that it’s not 1997 anymore based on their own site.

Image Credit: The Slide Rule Universe

A visitor site for the town of Chester in the UK doesn’t do a whole bunch to make people want to visit this town. Interestingly enough, I actually have been to Chester and would highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in the UK – I promise that the town is more historic than the website!

Apparently the World Wide Web’s very first search engine (circa 1993), it’s really just a page of links. Many of the links on the page are so old that they no longer exist. Looking at this page really makes me appreciate how far we’ve come when it comes to search engines and internet directories.

Dole/Kemp *96 Online Campaign

I have to admit, I really didn’t think that online Presidential campaign material went back this far. Of course, it definitely looks like it came out of 1996 but I have to wonder… who’s paying for this thing to stay online? I kinda wish I was the company with the contract because I’d STILL be getting paid without having to do anything!

Image Credit: Dole/Kemp ’96

DPGraph: Dynamic Photorealistic 3D Graphing Software

This site should come with a warning for individuals susceptible to seizures and the like. It is able to display graphs in up to 8 dimensions they say. Is photorealistic even a word? The picture doesn’t do it justice you MUST go there now and see the rotating rainbow blobs that cover the entire page.

Image Credit: DPGraph

Tracy’s Karate

Let’s use a black background and bright red and yellow lettering! Let’s put everything on one page! Let’s have the font change size from line to line! Tracy really should have stuck to karate instruction and left the web design to the professionals. I think Tracy eventually just gave up but never stopped paying the hosting bill because the last update appears to be in the timeframe of 2011. That being said, the site would have been bad by 2011 standards as well.

tracys karate
Image Source: Tracy’s Karate

Jami Lin’s Passions

Jami Lin says, “I love, Love, LOVE helping you evolve and raise you consciousness” but her site doesn’t appear to have evolved much in the past decade nor does there seem to be much use of grammar/spell checking. Considering that the site is updated almost every day, you’d think that it would be more – modern. Also, I find it ironic that a site dedicated to Feng Shui seems to offer very little Feng Shui in its own design and layout. I love Feng Shui so I might actually spend some real time on this site looking for some good nuggets. Good luck Jami Lin!

Image Credit:

Some type of Norwegian internet catalog that offers little in the way of sorting or organization. Every single product is just smashed onto the page everywhere. It’s organized chaos without the organization and hard to believe anyone would buy anything from this site or provide them with credit card information.

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