9 Tips on How to Make Money with 3D Modeling

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 11:18 pm

Learn how to turn your passion for 3D modeling into a lucrative career! Freelance, work at a studio or start your own business. Read on to learn how to make money with 3D modeling!

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Do you enjoy creating 3D models and are wondering if you can make a living out of it? It is possible to make this passion your main source of income. While some artists have full-time 3D modeling jobs at places like Dormzi and other different studios, some talented individuals prefer to freelance. If you don’t want to go with either of these options, you can still make money in 3D modeling by being a business owner.

Working for yourself as a 3D modeling artist is fulfilling since it can allow you to create all kinds of models and learn new things. For instance, you can today be an animator and a sound designer the next day.

Being a solo entrepreneur in 3D modeling also gives you a chance to market yourself to showcase your talent to different people. In return, you can make a lot of money with time. Use the following ideas to help you start to make money with 3D modeling.

1. Sell Plugins and Tools for 3D Software

If you have coding skills, you can sell plugins as well as scripts for different 3D software. Having the ability to code in software scripting languages can help you earn extra cash. If you have been working in this industry for a while, you may have gained a lot of experience to help you as you start your own business.

2. Selling Courses

You can also use different learning platforms to sell courses and tutorials. For you to start doing this, you need a screen recording software and microphone. Doing research can also help you find out the particular areas that many people show interest in.

You can start off with free screen recording software like OBS Studio so it doesn’t even cost you money to get started. You can sell courses on how to use your favorite 3D modeling software right off your website.

3. Earn a Living from a 3D Printer

The affordability of 3D printers has made the 3D printing business thrive. As long as you have basic 3D modeling skills, you can start earning extra cash from 3D printed products. You also need to own a 3D printer that can help you print products and even 3D characters.

You can create all sorts of 3D printed toys and gadgets that people will buy. Booking a booth at a convention such as Comic Con with a bunch of your own 3D figurines can bring in a ton of cash in a single weekend. I’ve seen guys who make nothing but 3D printed Lego-type figurines from various comic books bringing in over $10,000 in sales over a single weekend.

4. Create a Website or a 3D Blog

If you want to start marketing the 3D modeling business, you need to develop a website. You can also create a 3D blog that can help you share different insights with people. On this blog, you can, for instance, share everything you may have learned while working on different projects.

Your website will position you as an authority on the topic of 3D modeling and be a place you can send potential sales opportunities to see examples of your work.

You can also include some of the problems that you have come across in 3D modeling and how you overcame them. This information can help anyone who may be interested in 3D. If your site gains popularity, you may start making cash through ads and affiliate marketing.

5. Sell 3D Renderings

If you have 3D renderings on a hard drive, you should consider selling them on stock video and stock images websites. Create an account on such sites and upload the renderings. This process is less time consuming and can, in turn, help you gain some extra cash.

6. Consider Selling Scanned 3D Models

Some of the 3D modelers have discovered other ways of making money. If you have a few cameras, you can use them to create 3D models. Get familiar with how to use photogrammetry software such as AgisoftPhotoscan. This can help you create appealing 3D models of different objects that you can sell on different sites.

7. Try Selling Regular 3D Models

Most studios prefer buying 3D models, rather than having their employees waste a lot of time modeling. Though the market has many 3D modeling artists, you can manage to earn a living from selling models if you focus on producing superior quality ones.

8. Develop Digital Prints or Posters

If you have been working in this field for a while, you probably know how to create digital prints. You can make cash from making and selling such prints online. You can even do this during your free time and earn extra money to supplement your main source of income.

9. Create an App or Game

If you have excellent 3D modeling skills, you can also earn passive income by creating a user-friendly app. You can even come up with a 3D mobile game that some people can enjoy. You should have some cash saved up so since it may take some time to start earning from the game or app.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Money with 3D Modeling

We’ve just scratched the surface for ideas on how to turn your 3D modeling skills into real money. Once you get started, you should be able to scale your production to increase your income even more.

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