How to Choose MSPs Who Actually Care About Your Business

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 10:54 pm

An MSP is more than just a service provider, they're an extension of your company.

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Managed Service Providers are third-party organizations that provide your business the service of offloading technical and highly skill-based responsibilities to them. While the exact specifications of such delegation of responsibilities might be different from each MSP to MSP, and from consumer to consumer, in the end, some responsibility is being delegated to a third-party organization.

MSPs are a steadily growing industry. The industry was valued at nearly $238 billion in 2020. This shows that MSPs are making good revenue and that there are quite a lot of them.

Among the numerous options for MSPs, how do you choose one best suited for your organization’s needs? The answer to that question is not a straightforward one. Not only is it dependent on what your organization is hoping to achieve but also on what a particular MSP can provide.

MSPs have their own pool of knowledge and expertise, and expecting an MSP in one industry to take over the role of an MSP in a different industry is, of course, quite ridiculous.

Some MSPs like Commprise Managed IT Service Provider only work with businesses of specific sizes to remain effective at their operations.

Regarding MSPs as Strategic Partners 

Perhaps the best thing you can do in regards to dealing with MSPs is to consider your dealings with them as a Strategic Partnership. You are delegating responsibilities to them so that you are able to focus on what are the essential core workings of your enterprise. 

By treating MSPs as partners instead of mere service providers, you can see the value of the work they provide and are in the correct mindset to deal with them effectively. The are in fact part of your business.


Like every partnership, communication is extremely important. By clearly stating what your organization’s goals are, your MSP will be able to provide you service suited to furthering that goal. 

If you communicate clearly, the responsibilities you expect the MSP to provide, they’ll also have a better handle on things that you want them to take care of. Often simple miscommunication can lead your organization to be vulnerable in spots that you were least expecting it from.

Do Your Research

Going to a meeting with a potential strategic partner without any research is a terrible business practice. In the best circumstance, you misunderstand an important point and lose out on a good deal, and in the worst of circumstances, you get fleeced or scammed. 

That’s why you should do your basic research before engaging with an MSP. Look at the kind of solutions the MSP offers; individualized or generic one-size-fits-all. What kind of professional experience do they have? Do they have any accreditations? What kind of clients do they work with? If they are using affiliated services, then what value are they bringing to the table?

Knowing the right question means the world of difference in separating the good MSPs from the bad ones.  

Final Thoughts

An MSP that actually cares about your business may be hard to find. For many, you will just be a nameless line in their balance sheets and admin logbooks. But by using proper communication and doing prior research, you’ll be able to find an MSP who considers your business not just a customer but a valuable partner that they will be providing value to.

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