Was Crypto.com Hacked – Popular Cryptocurrency Platform Suffers Potential Security Breach

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 08:35 am

Some users of the hugely popular platform began noticing unauthorized activity on their accounts - So was Crypto.com hacked itself or was there a breach in a 2FA app?

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Yesterday, a growing and popular cryptocurrency platform, Crypto.com, notified its users via Twitter and Reddit that a “small number of users experienced unauthorized activity in their accounts.” As a precaution, the platform suspended all withdrawals all users had to sign back in and reset their 2FA settings.

A Disturbing Announcement

Most concerning is that many users reported unauthorized withdrawals even with 2-factor authentication enabled on their accounts.

crypto.com hack

Crypto.com later released another update stating that all users would have to log back into their accounts and reset their 2FA settings.

While there are no details as of yet, users on Twitter and Reddit reported unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts and some also reported unauthorized charges appearing on the popular Crypto.com prepaid Visa cards.

A tweet by Crypto.com’s CEO indicated that all customer funds were safe, even if currently inaccessible due to the shutdown on withdrawals.

So Was Crypto.com Hacked?

It certainly seems so. While it could be an exploit on something else – such as all users who used a specific 2FA app, until Crypto.com releases a statement as to how the accounts were compromised, it’s best to assume all accounts were compromised.

If you’re a Crypto.com customer, you’ll want to watch over your account for unauthorized activity and reach out to their support as soon as you can if something shows up that wasn’t initiated by you.

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