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Remote working is all the rage and has revolutionized how many of us work - including those who used to staff call centers.

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The pandemic changed many aspects of daily life, and one unexpected facet is the rise of the remote worker. Companies of all sizes had to adjust, with many discovering the benefits of a remote workforce. The discovery that most jobs can be done from home utilizing cloud technology has revolutionized the workforce.

One role, in particular, that is being enhanced by remote working opportunities is that of a call center agent. Not to be confused with remote call centers where the entire call center is in a different country, remote call center agents work from home spread out across the globe.

But are remote call centers a good idea? Although every business is different, and circumstances are subject to change, remote call centers have significant advantages.

How They Work

Most remote call centers are only made possible by cloud technology. All relevant information is easily and immediately accessible by all employees, no matter where they are.

For example, Gamma is one such company that provides many services that call centers should be using to maximize their efficiency. They also provide their own cloud-based contact center solutions. If you would like to read more about the cloud contact center and their contributions to the rise of the remote worker, you should start online; there are many resources.

Reduction In Cost

The most considerable benefit of using remote call center agents is the operational costs are reduced significantly. Renting and running an office is a large expense for a business, but there is no need for one with a remote workforce, which means that profits will be higher as the overheads are cut dramatically.

Some potential employees are also willing to take a lesser wage if they’re able to work from home as working from home saves employee’s money too.

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Wider Talent Pool

When hiring for a remote position, the talent pool isn’t confined to a specific geographical area. People need not compromise on hiring employees who can simply make it to the office. Instead, they can search for the top talent with the right skillset anywhere in the country or even the world. This allows for a far more selective application and interview process.

Adjusting Strategy

Remote working offers a level of flexibility that is not often possible in a traditional role. The strategy can adjust as needed, whether this means taking on temporary staff and freelancers when a higher call volume is expected.

Some companies prefer to hire staff in different time zones to ensure that there is always somebody to answer the phone to customers day and night.


Whether referring to an agent’s job satisfaction or customer satisfaction, both are benefitted by this approach. Staff who are given the opportunity to work from home are less likely to leave the company to look for roles elsewhere because the flexibility they are afforded is unlikely to be matched.

This flows down to the consumers. When the agents taking the calls are happier in their roles, they are better workers meaning their customers are served more quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, it has become abundantly clear that working from home is beneficial to both staff and employers. It has long been thought that working from home would negatively impact productivity, but this is not the case. Call center staff can maintain their efficacy despite their environment; there is no return to the office in sight.

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