4 Ways to Utilize Software in 2020

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 10:41 pm

How can you amp up your usage of software this year? Here are a few tips from Richard Alan.

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Running a business is difficult — there’s no getting away from that point. Yet as a company grows, the problem only becomes an even bigger headache. There are more moving parts to juggle, more employees to keep happy, and more stock to send out.

With that said, the problem can be minimized with a strategic approach. Due to the rise of technology and software over recent years, many different business functions have been simplified. Instead of needing to complete monotonous, menial tasks each day, these can be covered by specialist software. This then leaves extra time, resources, and money for more important aspects of the business.

Simply applying this software is one thing. However, you need to know which software is best for your needs. Additionally, with the way technology is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments.

So, if you’re wondering how to utilize software, here are four important ways to do so in 2020:

Marketing Software

Due to the continual threat of competition, you know how important it is to stay ahead with your business. To do this, a lot of time and effort has to be placed towards your marketing strategy.

With specialist marketing software, however, the workload can be reduced exponentially. Use the right software package, and it can help in ways such as:

  • Providing real-time SEO suggestions
  • Adapting your content strategy when search algorithms change
  • Utilizing effective social media promotion
  • Providing call-to-action designs potential visitors cannot resist clicking
  • Enabling personalized, yet automated messaging
  • Integrating a live chat function
  • Facilitating the ability to track CRM

Streamline Human Resources

The Human Resources department of your company is arguably the most vital. If you have happy employees, they will be more inclined to effectively complete their work. On the other hand, stressed, overworked, and undervalued workers are unlikely to give 100% — and will probably be looking for alternative job opportunities.

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To help keep employees happy, HR systems software by XCD is an effective tool for your arsenal. Especially advantageous for organizations with more than 250 employees, this software minimizes HR-related administration tasks, keeps track of all data, and even manages payroll. The result: your HR team can spend more time focusing on the important aspects of employee satisfaction.

Track Projects

If you run a large-scale business, you will already be aware of the difficulties when it comes to tracking projects. This is particularly the case when handling multiple projects at any one time. Without a system in place, it’s difficult to effectively manage your time for each project, and this can lead to delays, customer dissatisfaction, and wasted resources.  

Thankfully, software options such as Todo are available. This software allows you to plan out all tasks and daily work, where intuitive features help visualize, prioritize, and organize your to-do list. This can then be shared across all company devices, ensuring all employees stay focused when completing their day-to-day responsibilities.

Keep Stock in Order

Any sizeable business will understand the heartache that stock management can deliver. If you operate with an in-house warehouse department, this is another core area of your company which presents its own share of challenges. This is where specialist warehouse management software comes in handy. An all-in-one solutions will manage stock levels, know when items need to be sent out, and track packages during the delivery process — and that’s just the start. It can also be integrated into your accounting software, making it easy to keep your finances in order.

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