The 20 Best Free SEO Tools for Every Task

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 09:56 pm

Sure content is king, but you can never have too much data for tuning your SEO strategy.


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The internet contains thousands of SEO tools that are free to use or try. However, you must be equipped with the most useful or the best to be part of your toolbox. The below  SEO tools from the best keyword tracker tool to data-mine tools was vetted by SEO community users, and a tool to be included had to achieve three critical requirements.

  • Mostly SEO community used
  • Offers actionable and board value
  • Truly free

1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Most of the glory is always attributed to Google Webmaster. Nonetheless, many people totally forget about Bing Webmaster, yet it has a full package of search and website analytics. It is mostly useful in crawling data, keyword research, and keyword reports. Try it here.

2. Mobile-Friendly Test

Phones are now the most common way of accessing the Internet these days, and that means making your site easily accessible on mobile devices is essential. This tool will assist you in checking how slow or fast your website is responding through a phone or mobile device. Try it here.

3. Data Studio by Google

This one here is critical in data merging from Google Analytics or Search Console. The tool can visualize the data then share it. Try it here.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the standard in analyzing your website traffic. It gives you the keywords most people use to get to your page or website. This data can be achieved through organic keywords, campaigns, Acquisition, queries, or Search Console.

5. Search Console

The free to use Google Search Console is the most important SEO tool out there. Doing SEO well and not having Google Search Console data access is impossible. This tool does the work. It helps you locate important keyword data and also helps you get information on how your site is ranked by Google. Check it out here.

6. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero functions by helping solve missing keyword information problem which involves different machine learning and advanced math. If merging conversations with keywords is your struggle, then this tool is important for you. You can try it here.


This one is very simple; it gives you information on your competition. It provides you with popular sites list which can help you compare notes. Learn more here.

8. Beam Us Up

One of the best desktop crawlers that is free, you can have unlimited of crawling for free with this tool. It only works with Windows so you Mac users may need to find another option. Try them here.

9. Link Redirect Trace

This is a Chrome extension that is free; it’s popular because it is an all-rounder that analyzes redirect path. It helps in providing robots, rel-canonicals, txt, and HTTP headers information. It also provides a Save Screenshot feature which is quite handy too. Find it here.

10. Redirect Path

Another Chrome extension for SEO professionals, this one helps in giving you the URL information that you visit. It is free and can be added on your browser as an extension. Get it here.

11. Chrome DevTools

It’s quite astounding with the number of things you can achieve for free with this tool. From on-page SEO, speed to JavaScript auditing; nonetheless, there are other hidden features; however, it is an awesome tool. Simply hit the F12 key on your keyboard to enable it in Chrome.

12. Marketing Miner

Those who want to look for competitive analysis, rankings, SERP data and tool reports, is the tool to use. The tool will mine the data for you and make a report for you that is convenient. Try it here.

13. SEOlyzer

For page categorization and log analysis, this tool does the job for you. It comes with some important features like page categorization and real-time analysis. Learn more.

14. Xenu

Xenu tool is essential for broken link search and site auditing. It has been the same for many years, and many people love to use it because of its simplicity. You can get it here.

15. Tag Manager

This one helps in tag placement like Google Analytics to HTML. However, experts in the field can use this tool for other different advance uses. Despite it not being recommended by Google to use it for important stuff, e.g., structured data, a Tag manager is still important. You can try it here.

16. Keyword Explorer

If you are looking for an array of keywords to use, then, this tool should be your companion. The tool by SEO giant, Moz, will suggest to you over 1000 keywords and also give you SERP analysis. Use it now.

17. Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is mainly useful for people who use Google ads; nonetheless, it is still important for keyword planning. You can try it here.

18. Hunter

If you are dealing a lot with emails, then this tool should be a priority. It finds emails for free. You can use this tool to search for individuals or company’s email address. It is also important in email verification. Try it now.

19. Cloudflare

Cloudflare has a lot of good things, apart from the free CDN that gives your site speed; it makes DNS management easy with a fully-fledged free DDoS protection. Visit Cloudflare for more information.

20. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest does not only rely on keyword suggestions but rather offers different extended SEO uses like top competitor pages and basic links. Check it out here.

Bonus: Zeo Tools

You can get it from the Chrome web store, and this tool is pretty cool. Whenever you use Google analytics the extension will show you along your timeline report each time Google updated their search algorithm so you can identify if changes in traffic were due to normal search patterns or if Google changed something that could affect your site ranking.


These tools will help round out your SEO strategy. While content is king, and always will be, when everything else is equal, the difference comes in having the right data and knowing what to do with it.

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