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Everybody hates their cable providers... shocker.

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Where I live, I have 3 choices for cable TV. Of those, DirectTV has horrible internet service because satellite internet kinda sucks due to high latency so they’re off the table. That leaves me to choose between Comcast and Verizon and it’s not much of a choice to be honest. Both companies provide a reasonably good product paired with what I would consider is arguably the worst service model in the business industry and ever-increasing prices. I get better service from fast food chains that are basically run by kids.

A recent online survey conducted by consulting firm cg42 found that I’m not alone. The survey was built with over 3000 current and former customers of the top five cable companies in the US. The results?

  • 73% of current customers feel their cable provider engages in predatory practices and takes advantage of consumers lack of choice
  • 72% of current customers worry that the larger cable companies become, the worse off customers are
  • 53% of current customers would leave their current cable provider if they had a choice

The survey also found that the US cable industry has the highest level of consumer frustration and brand vulnerability – and not just the highest, but significantly higher than any other industry including the banking industry. That’s right, people hate their cable provider even more than the banks that cost thousands of them their homes through predatory lending practices and pulled billions of dollars out of the US economy.

At this moment, Comcast and Time Warner Cable are attempting to convince regulators that a merger would be in the public interest. They are the two largest cable providers and combined they would make up almost a third of the cable sales in the US and an even higher percentage of broadband internet. Come on, do you really think that a bigger company is going to be in your best interest?

What makes me mad is that our regulators who are supposed to protect the best interest of the American consumer are actually laying down time to listen to these absurd arguments. It doesn’t hurt that these companies are some of the biggest cash dumpers into our failing political system I’m sure.

So which cable provider do I have? I went with Verizon and here’s why: Out of my 2 real options, both of them have garbage customer service and both of them are predatory so my real criteria was in the quality of the product itself. I happen to like Verizon television better than Comcast and in my area, Verizon is significantly a faster option for broadband internet access.

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