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The importance of SEO cannot be understated, especially if you have a website that isn't viral on social media.


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Everyone usually talks about the website when it comes to rankings. In this discussion, the one simple thing they often ignore is that Google doesn’t rank a website but web pages. It can be a frank point, but you can enormously benefit if you realize this basic fact and fine-tune your organic search strategy. If you are wondering about the significance of ‘Google ranks webpages and not websites,’ you need to understand that the search engine giant crawls and indexes every single webpage as a universe of code, links, and information. Google doesn’t bother about the position of the webpage in the domain.

To be precise, the webpage can stay in any domain. The search engine will not see it any differently in that context. And that’s why it becomes essential to pay proper attention to on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, content, design, links, and other aspects. If you want to see your webpage on the first page of the searches, you can follow a few SEO trends for 2021 that revolve around these and other factors.

Search Intent and Users

An SEO expert in Singapore would tell you the need to repurpose your content every year based on the searcher’s intent and behavior. People look up Google or other search engines for answers or information. If you recognize this simple thing and cater to their interests, your business can hugely progress.  For this, you have to study SERPs or the intention of the searches. It also means that you need to focus on your users more than your business. To be precise, when a visitor asks for an address, you should provide this and not take them to your company details, products, or the top-selling items. It can prove extremely healthy for your website’s positioning.

Retention and Lifetime Value

Earlier SEO was only traffic-driven. Today, it is much more than this as Google is keen on providing instant gratification to users. To be right there, you have to work on many elements, such as user experience, conversion, revenue, etc. Your focus should shift from keyword volume to behavioral analytics that deals with customer’s online behavior, such as what they need, how they look for something, and how you can attract them. It will not be wrong to say that it requires reverse engineering of your content. You can explore keyword data in the search console to identify your target audience’s needs and answer them through your content, which can be in a FAQ format.

When you make an effort in this direction, you can easily retain your customers, and they, in return, can offer you better revenue because of the quality of your service.

Brand Optimization

Google knows everything about you – who you are, what you provide, and what type of customers you attract. In the context of SEO, you have to operate from this understanding to improve your visibility. You can achieve this through working on your online presence across social media channels, websites, etc. Doing some research on how your properties show up and interact with each other in Google can help. For example, you can check Google snippets to discover how many of them appear there.

Technical and On-Page Optimization

You cannot afford to stay behind your competitors. You can use various SEO tools to keep an eye on them and their activities. At the same time, you have to improve your page’s load time, rendering, image, security, and mobile compatibility. Analyze your page from a user’s and search engine crawler’s point of view. If your SEO strategy involves page experience, you can expect your website rankings to be solid and safe from future algorithm updates. When you take care of this, you can hope for better conversions too.


There is a belief that AI-generated content will do better and increase in popularity with different brands. It can be challenging for search engines to identify spammy content. However, you can lend your human touch to this process to be careful and stand out from the rest.

SEO Scalability

In 2021, the experts feel that companies have to concentrate on their SEO functionalities and execution. You should make a list of all the workflows, tasks, and processes that you implement daily to understand what you can automate. You can leverage an alert system to get regular updates about your page ranks. They can notify you about any significant changes in the search results of a particular keyword, URL cannibalization, etc. Besides, you can have a standard procedure for a difficult task to automate and encourage the team to reinvent the process for effective handling.


Whether you call it Content Hubs or Pillar-Cluster Model, the idea is to create a topic that can link to other subpages or batches of subtopics for providing more details. This strategy can be excellent for rankings because it can quickly transfer authority from one inbound link to another. It may not be as powerful as external links. However, Google considers them as individual pages and hence, recognizes their authority.

Bounce Rate

It is as relevant today as it was earlier. There can be multiple reasons why users don’t stay on your webpage or website. Slow loading time, irrelevant content, ineffective navigation system, missing call-to-action buttons, technical errors, and others are a few examples. It would be best if you addressed them all to get rid of this problem. Otherwise, Google will see it as a signal that your users are not happy, and your website rankings can slip. However, if you take care of these elements, your chances of appearing on the first page remain higher.

As such, there are various ways to feature on the first page of the searches. But all of them require diligence and special knowledge. Your in-house team may not be as dynamic as the SEO agencies that upgrade themselves constantly to be a valuable addition to their clients’ needs. If you feel you are behind in the competition because of the weak techniques, you can fall back on a credible SEO company for guidance.

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