7 Simple Tips for an Amazing & SEO Friendly Blog Post

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By writing SEO-friendly content, you ensure that more people have an opportunity to find you online.

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7 Simple Tips for an Amazing & SEO Friendly Blog Post

Your blog contains thoughts, ideas, comments, photos, videos, and all kinds of other things important to you. It’s similar to a web dairy or register in which the author may compose their views or opinions in a casual or conversational style regularly. As per other creative materials, writing a blog post can be challenging & skills are required to write a blog.

A blogger must need to plan or design a sketch of the article in such a manner that it remains attractive to the readers. The design of the blog is based on the headings, subheadings & paragraphs, which makes an article more appealing and easy to engage with.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. While searching Google, the results Google displays point to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is heavily measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

Search engine optimization is the method of developing the quality and amount of site activity by increasing the visibility of an online site or a web page to clients of a web search engine. SEO refers to the advancement of unpaid results and excludes coordinate activity and the buy of paid arrangements.

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Tips for SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Here you are provided with some tips to write an SEO-Friendly blog Post, which may quite helpful to beginners. It inevitably increases the visibility of your blogs on the search engine.

Research About the Topic

When you are going to write anything about a topic, you must have appropriate knowledge about it. Without having that, you can’t write a great post.

Therefore a blogger needs to research the topic and be comfortable looking in lots of places to find the information you need, and to confirm what you’re writing is accurate. Luckily, it’s not very difficult due to the availability of the internet and a powerful search engine like Google.

Search engines also help the blogger extract keywords for your article or blog.

Use of Keywords

The primary step to enhance web traffic to your content is the use of Keywords. Keywords are the words commonly used by people while searching for any content. The blogger must know exactly what users type into Google.

For instance, if someone needs to find a paraphrasing tool to paraphrase some content available with it, then the possible keywords which may use to find the paraphrasing tools online are:

One must use these keywords in its content or article to improve the SEO ranking of its content. One should not forget to use online keyword density checkers such as SEO Review Tool, SEO Book Tools, keyword density checker tool, etc.

These are tools totally free to use. These tools not only help you to fix your mistakes but also identify your mistakes in your website content so that you can change it according to the best values.

If you use AI writing tools to help work your keywords into your content, make sure you run the results through an AI detector to help make sure the content is still natural.

Appealing Heading

It’s a well-known phrase “1st impression is a lasting impression”. Similarly, the heading of the article is the first thing that may attract the readers towards the article. It is also an important feature which is quite essential for a blog post!

The heading used for a blog must be a stunner and eye-catching in such a manner that it may compel the reader to click the article immediately. It is an appropriate way to attract readers and to enhance the traffic on your web blog, especially if you’re sharing your post via social media.

Use of Paragraphs

Everyone in their writing content is using paragraphs, but everyone is not aware of using them well. Don’t begin each new sentence on a new line just because of the reason it looks decent. Each paragraph must have its subject & idea, which will be a logical reason for starting a new paragraph.

Optimization of Blog Length & Avoid Excess use of the Same Words

In this progressing era, people don’t like long articles. People are busy. Sometimes if the reader sees a long article; it might scare the user away. Hence it’s worthy for a blogger to keep their blog short as much as possible. Optimization of a blog can only be done through the usage of comprehensive & meaningful sentences.

You should avoid using the same terms and keywords. Try not to exceed 3% of the total content. Excessive use of the same words or phrase website may warrant penalization by Google or Bing under the section of keyword stuffing. So never and ever try to over-optimize your website content.

Format of a Blog Post

Here it is explained the general structure of a blog. Usually, the format of the blog can be described in 3 steps.

  • Introduction: It is the phase where the blogger may define the main terms related to the topic & the main heading of the topic. It should be unique & attractive in such a manner that readers are attracted to it. Reading of the intro may determine if the reader decides to read or abandon the article. It must contain the main keyword of your topic.
  • Body: It’s usually the center portion of the blog where the main message is needed to be written. The blogger may write its arguments & facts in this portion. The use of keywords must be done here as well.
  • Conclusion: It’s normally the last portion of the blog where the blogger summarizes the most important ideas or draws a conclusion. This portion reveals the central idea of the above two phases and shows the outcome of the article.

Internal Linking

It is also important for SEO optimization to show your other blog posts to the readers. By using hyperlinks in an article, you may increase the traffic on your other articles. These internal links will also increase your visibility.

The more your blog gets interlinked, the higher the chances for it to be get noticed. This use of hyperlink shall increase the popularity of your various blogs among the readers on the web.

For the same purpose, you may use to share the link of your post on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Sharing your blog on these sites surely increases the exposure of your blog.

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