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Trying to organize complex projects with numerous tasks, variables, and key actors can often make you lose your composure rather quickly if you’re not using the right tools.

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Remote work, however popular nowadays, cannot succeed in your company if you’re not using the right tech tools that will help you organize your teams, monitor workflow and employees, and communicate effectively to maintain productivity. The fact of the matter is that remote work can help your company grow in many ways, and it can help you minimize extraneous expenses while attracting global talent to your business – but only if you use the right software with the right features.

In fact, digital transformation and the adoption of innovative technologies is one of the pillars of a winning startup growth strategy nowadays, especially if you’re managing remote teams and freelancers. With all of that in mind, let’s delve deeper into the essential tools you need to have in your arsenal in order to build a thriving digital team.

Integrate a Project Management Tool

Trying to organize complex projects with numerous tasks, variables, and key actors can often make you lose your composure rather quickly if you’re not using the right tools. While you can create a Gantt chart in Excel, many business leaders will commonly try to manage the workflow of a project through email correspondence and file sharing, which invariably leads to setbacks, misplaced files and materials, and it can lead to numerous security problems for your team and your clients. Simply put, email is not a project management tool, and you should try to turn it into one. 

Instead, what you should do is invest in a project management tool, but not before comparing your options and finding the most cost-effective solution. Look for a project management tool that has all of the necessary features such as intuitive task management, scheduling and analytics, project and workflow visualization, and more. Feature-rich software will make it easier for your remote employees to collaborate on complex projects no matter where they are stationed.

Employee Monitoring Software is a Must

Simply put, you can’t elevate productivity and maximize the potential of every team member if you’re not monitoring their workflow and performance on a daily basis. Sure, you could touch base every Monday morning to ask how everyone’s doing, but that’s not really the best way to pinpoint the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, nor is it a good way to identify their pain points and the common challenges they’re facing on the job.

If you want to take a personalized approach to employee development and success, which you should, then you have to have an employee monitoring software in your arsenal. Make sure to choose a comprehensive tool with plenty of metrics, KPIs, and features like surveys and questionnaires to create detailed employee reports you can use to craft truly impactful advancement programs. This will also allow you to help them embrace home working, and establish yourself as a proactive leader every remote team needs.

Leverage Advanced Communication Tools

Communication in a digital work environment is the foundational pillar of success and progress, especially when you’re tasked with managing more than one remote team. With that in mind, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rely on a single mode of communication, like email, or chat only. Instead, you need to have a comprehensive phone system in place, but instead of a traditional phone infrastructure, you need a system like VoIP that’s completely optimized for the remote workforce.

VoIP is quite simply the best cloud-based phone service for companies of all sizes, as it comes fully equipped with digital features like video and audio conferencing, mobile optimization, call recording, voice analytics, and more. However, the reason why VoIP is truly the best choice for remote teams is that it doesn’t generate exuberant fees that traditional local, national, and international calls would incur. This means that your employees can communicate seamlessly whether they’re in the same country or halfway around the world.

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Double-Down on Network Security

Remote work might have numerous benefits for your company and your employee collective, but the extensive use of technology on a daily basis can create some pretty daunting security risks over time. The last thing you want is for someone to breach your data stores or to lose some sensitive client information, which is why you need to invest in cybersecurity.

To ensure network safety, be sure to integrate:

  • Fully-optimized software and hardware firewalls.
  • Two-factor authentication for all accounts and devices.
  • Specialized mobile security patterns and tools to prevent data loss and theft via mobile devices.
  • A secure network monitoring solution to retain control of your network.
  • An advanced password management tool to create truly randomized security codes for every account and device in your company. 

Don’t Skimp on File Sharing and Storage

Lastly, you need a safe place to store all of your work on the web. Sure, back everything up on an external hard drive regularly, but be sure to invest in a reliable file sharing and storage service that uses advanced security features and provides specialized business packages so that you get plenty of storage space and advanced features to make remote work and data management a breeze for your teams.

Wrapping Up

Remote work is becoming more popular as the business world continues to adopt digital technologies and solutions. With this tech toolkit at your disposal, you’ll have no problem organizing a winning remote team and unlocking their true potential.

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