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When you have the option to choose between a professional laptop or a gaming laptop - which should you choose and why?

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I’ve seen numerous questions on laptops and computer-related communities asking whether gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops? Now every user has a different perspective. Some people like workstations while others like gaming laptops.

According to my experience, gaming laptops are far better than workstation laptops, and I’ll give 5 proper reasons. After that, you can decide which machine fits best for you.

Whether you’re playing solo games, working using Office 365, or connecting to your favorite Minecraft server host, having the right laptop will make things run much smoother.

The 5 reasons why gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops are as follows:

  1. Strong GPU
  2. Hefty Processors
  3. Excellent Battery Timing
  4. Enough Storage Space
  5. Easy Upgrade in RAM

These are the 5 best reasons why gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops, and now, I’ll explain every reason in great detail, so be ready and thumbs up.

Strong (and Dedicated) GPU

Gaming laptops have strong GPUs (Graphics Cards) that increase the performance level of a laptop, whereas workstations often don’t have a proper GPU. Workstation laptops come with an integrated GPU, and if we compare the performance of integrated and dedicated GPU, dedicated GPU is always the winner.

Let me show you an example. Let’s say you have an Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop and HP ZBOOK Create G7 workstation laptop. Seeing the graphics card makes a huge difference.

On Acer Predator Helios 300, you get an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU of 10 GB, whereas HP ZBOOK Create G7 workstation laptop has an integrated GPU of only 2 GB.

The RTX 3080 GPU can run DOOM, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War at ultra-high graphics, maximum resolution, and zero input delay.

But the HP ZBOOK Create G7 cannot even run a single game on low graphics. And that’s the point you have to note.

When your laptop can easily run some big games at ultra-high graphics, it will run hefty applications without any problem. But Workstation laptops will not bear the load of a hefty application, and the overclocking phase will come. When overclocking feature starts working, your workstation laptop’s temperature starts rising. That causes serious issues, which is the first solid reason gaming laptops win from workstation laptops.

Hefty Processors

Gaming laptops have hefty processors compared to workstation laptops. For this, I am taking Acer Nitro 5 as an example. This Acer Nitro 5 has an Intel Core i7-9750H processor whose maximum memory is 4.50 GHz. Its base frequency starts from 2.60 GHz, whereas the workstation laptop’s overall memory is 2.60 GHz.

So which processor will deliver good performance – a processor with 2.60 GHz base memory or processor with 2.60 GHz total memory? The 2.60 GHz processor will win because it has an extra space of memory left. When your base memory is working, you don’t go into the overclocking phase, and your gaming laptop’s temperature remains lower.

But on Workstation Laptops, you quickly go into the overclocking phase, which heats your laptop’s temperature. When your laptop’s temperature rises, it affects your battery life, and you get fewer hours than normal.

That’s another big reason why gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops. You can find numerous gaming laptops on several websites. You can go according to your choice, but my choice is Bigeno. Bigeno is a laptop reviewing website that reviews laptops in brief details. That website can help you to find the best gaming laptop for yourself. You’ll also see some workstation laptops on Bigeno. So every laptop user will benefit after visiting this website.

Excellent Battery Life

In some cases, workstation laptops are better than gaming laptops battery-wise. But gaming laptops compete with workstation laptops in providing good batteries, and here’s how:

Workstation laptops have a battery timing of 8-15 hours, whereas gaming laptop’s battery timing is 4-11 hours. You get 4-11 hours to play games on maximum settings.

But what will happen if you stop playing games and start doing your work. Indeed the burden your laptop faces will be reduced, and you’ll be able to get more working hours.

So that’s how the gaming laptops compete with workstation laptop’s battery backups. In most cases, workstation laptops win, but gaming laptops compete quite a bit especially once you consider the load placed on the system.

In the end, you do more work on gaming laptops because you get good speed in applications. But workstation laptops have more power battery-wise.

If you are a real estate worker and you have to travel to verify a person’s location, what would you rather have? Indeed, you will carry a laptop with more battery life than picking a laptop that only turns on for 4-5 hours. In this case, workstation laptops win, but gaming laptops can still compete.

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More Storage Space

On Workstations, you only get 1 slot where the hard drive is already installed. But on gaming laptops, you get additional empty slots because the developers have to decrease the price tag on their machines.

So they equip the gaming laptops with low storage space and leave 1 slot for easy upgrade. Plus, the hard disk format in the gaming laptops is either standard SSD or M.2 NVMe SSD.

We all know that the read and write speed of SSDs is far better than a standard hard disk drive. So gaming laptops have the latest hard drive format with an additional slot included, but workstation laptops don’t have an additional slot.

If you’ve ordered a workstation laptop whose storage space is only 256 GB, then it might not be good for you because 256 GB doesn’t fulfill any person’s need. So you’ve to replace the hard disk from its slot, or you’ve to suffer from insufficient storage space. That’s what gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops because on gaming laptops, you can insert an additional hard whenever needed, but workstation laptops rarely have that option.

That’s the 4th reason why gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops. In most workstations, you get a traditional hard disk drive, but on gaming laptops, you get SSDs or M.2 NVMe SSDs. The SSDs deliver quicker execution.

Your laptop’s Windows interface appears in 1 or 2 seconds when you have an SSD installed. But on a traditional hard disk drive, you have to wait for 1 minute to see the Windows interface.

Easy Upgrade in RAM

After upgrading the storage space components quickly, you can also upgrade your RAM in gaming laptops. Gamers have to increase the RAM again and again because some games require more memory, so gamers have to add that to fulfill the specifications of a certain game.

But Workstation laptops don’t have additional slots. Workstation laptops can usually only insert 2 RAM modules, but on gaming laptops, you can easily insert 3 or 4 without any problem.

Also, the bus speed of a gaming laptop’s RAM is far better than a workstation laptop. You mostly get the DDR3 format RAMs on workstation laptops, but gaming laptops have DDR4 format RAM.

The bus speed of DDR3 RAM is only 1600 MHz, but the DDR4 RAM’s bus speed is 3200 MHz in most cases. So that’s another big advantage to gaming laptop users.

You get the latest RAM with the easy upgrade, but you get RAMs with older formats with low-quality material and speed on the workstation. You can monitor the changes in your laptops or workstations on your Android device. You have to visit ATOZ APK to see a suitable app for this work.


So these are the 5 reasons gaming laptops are better than workstation laptops. Workstation laptops have only won in 1 round, but in 4 rounds, they lost. Now it depends on your choice. If your gut feeling permits you to use a gaming laptop, then use or buy a workstation for yourself.

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